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Eye Opening Reading
I love this spread for a little more detail then a 3 card spread. I have received 2 of these and both times the readings are spot on, and open my eyes to help me with the decisions made. Every one of Jan's readings are great, but this reading can be used from big decisions, to little nagging issues. I recommend this reading to anyone and everyone who just needs some insight to an issue that is nagging at them.
Eneidalys Landivar (Guest)
Ellipse Reading in a time of need
Jan, thank you so much for the clarification, this is the 3rd time you have given me a reading in my time of need and you always deliver. Your reading is exactly what I needed to understand my path. I am always so surprised on how spot on and well connected your reading is with where I am in life at that moment. I feel so much more confident, its that extra boost that I was looking for. I love that you don't sugar coat things and you tell me beyond the goods things, you make it clear that bad things happen too. I really appreciate the honesty and the enlightenment.
Carly (Guest)
This reading summed up perfectly and helped me to understand a situation I was going through at the time. The part explaining what would happen in the future also turned out to be very accurate, and all the advice was really helpful.
Ana O (Guest)
The Best
The latest reading Jan did for me was exactly as I expected. I know Jan's work for several years and whenever I have doubts, I feel free to consult her in order to know how should I proceed.
Although there is a wide choice of reading options, I believe that the Elipse Spread is the one that best for me, since my doubts are more related to situations that are already in progress and not so much about what's going to happen in a few years. Jan has been very accurate in reading the Elipse, all these years (I think the first reading was in 2006). I appreciate her honesty and her ability to tell what truly matters, always with enormous care, empathy and delicacy, yet, also, always with the truth. She does a fantastic work, really! And even I try to make my own readings of cards (I love tarot) I will never be able to discern things the way she did. Thank you Jan Shepard.
Samantha (Guest)
I had to get in contact with Jan a few times re a delay to my reading and she was lovely and genuine. Her service is truly heart felt. When I did get the reading it blew me away. I read the first 2 brief paragraphs and had to close it because I was breath taken. I later asked her "how do you know my life with a few brief words and 7 cards?". Jan is not only a gifted tarot reader but I believe a channel too. Thanks jan
Claire P (Guest)
The Real Deal
I have recently had two readings done by Jan and have been so impressed. I've had a few readings done in the past but none have been as accurate, insightful and intuitive as these. Jan has a real gift for getting to the heart of the matter and tuning into what is going on for you as well as providing guidance that is wise, insightful, honest and heartfelt. As a result I feel hopeful and clear sighted about my situation. Highly recommended.
I am so glad for this reading and for Jan. She gave me amazing insight and was so accurate on my situation. I am learning my ropes from her:) Thank you so much Jan.
cp2118 (Guest)
Astoundingly Accurate
This reading was requested to address some sudden changes I had at work, and to put my mind at ease. It was so stunningly accurate when I received that for a fraction of a second I thought Jan worked with me! Not only is my mind at ease, but now there's also a plan.
Cynthia V. (Guest)
Beautiful Readings
I have also gotten a Works and a Mirror spread from Jan. I have to say, all three have been incredibly accurate, comforting, reassuring and beautiful. Not only does Jan appear to have an amazing gift for intuiting the cards, a firm understanding, but she seems to infuse her work and her words with love. I have been going through a rough time these last couple of years, and these readings have brought me a great deal of comfort and insight. Thank you so much, Jan!
crazyinsatiable1 (Guest)
Excellent, thoughtful, perfect!
I was very impressed with my reading, and would not hesitate to purchase again. It's so comforting to have my feelings and instincts validated, and some beacons of hope to look for. I was nearly moved to tears.
Found: 20
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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