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Ebooks - Learning the Tarot
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Jan's Guide to the Tarot 2nd Edition - eBook
Price£14.95incl. TAX
Average Rating5(6)

Want to learn the Tarot but don’t know where to start? Already an experienced Tarot reader and need a reliable reference book?

Have you had a Tarot deck for years but not known what to do with it? Do you want to learn to read Tarot for yourself and friends? Or to use the Tarot for self-development?

Jan Shepherd’s book, Angel Paths Guide to the Tarot, will help you do all this and more. Jan read Tarot professionally for over forty years and established Angel Paths, one of the world's premier Tarot websites, which she ran for seventeen years.

Her book gives in-depth interpretations of all 78 cards, illustrated with cards from three different decks so that you will be able to use the book whichever deck you have. In addition you’ll learn about the structure and history of the Tarot – the two court card systems, numerology and elements. You'll be able to read the cards and use them for self development, with affirmations to deepen your understanding.

This is a book you’ll come back to again and again as you grow and develop with the Tarot.

Angel Paths Guide to the Tarot is the first in a series of guides written by Jan Shepherd with wisdom, compassion and clarity.

Buy this book and begin your journey by clicking here today.

This Time It's Personal: Living Life in Line with Tarot
Price£9.95incl. TAX
Average Rating5(2)
Ebook - in downloadable PDF format.  “Tarot – This Time It’s Personal: Living Life in Line with Tarot” - this extensive exploration of the deeper meanings behind each card describes how Tarot can be applied in everyday life and shows how the Tarot deck becomes a handbook for “rightful” living, using Tarot as a teaching medium, as well as a mirror to the future.

Take a sneak peek inside here.
Tarot: Advanced Reading Techniques
Price£9.95incl. TAX
Average Rating5(2)
Ebook - in downloadable PDF format. What distinguishes truly fine Tarot readers from the rest is their grasp of the delicate interplays between different card combinations. This is a huge subject area that is challenging to master. This comprehensive ebook, with in-depth examinations of each of the 78 cards, is essential reading to broaden a reader’s understanding and grasp of the Tarot.

Take a sneak peek here.

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