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Ellipse Spread - Seven Card Reading
Price£18.95incl. TAX
Average Rating5(22)
Free Shipping

This is a great spread both for specific questions, and for general "snapshot" type readings. 

Looking for Love Spread
Price£32.95incl. TAX
Average Rating4.88(8)
For insight about where to look, and what you REALLY want from a lover and partner.
Mandala Spread
Price£32.95incl. TAX
Average Rating5(1)
This spread reveals the strengths, weaknesses and desires which lead one toward a growth in spirituality.
Mirror Spread
Price£27.95incl. TAX
Average Rating5(5)
This spread works primarily on existing relationships, but can assess anything from a budding love affair to an established partnership.   
Past Present Future Spread
Price£9.95incl. TAX
Average Rating4.67(6)
For guidance in specific issues of importance.
What to do spread
Price£9.95incl. TAX
Average Rating4.92(13)
This spread cuts to the heart of the problem.  Three cards - straight to the point, with clear guidance
Wheel of the Year spread
Price£54.95incl. TAX
Average Rating4.86(7)
Three cards for each month of the next year, tracking the trends, events and occurrances throughout the months ahead.

Where Do I Go (From Here)? Spread
Price£37.95incl. TAX
Average Rating5(3)
Life will sometimes steer us firmly toward a crossroads, where we must decide whether we need to find a new direction – and if so – which.   This reading has been designed to try to clarify a course of action....
Works spread
Price£84.95incl. TAX
Average Rating5(10)
This 56-card spread intensively examines every single area of your life.  It really is The Works when it comes to tarot readings.
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