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Tarot Decks and Sets Tarot Decks and Sets
A wide selection of tarot decks with reviews, and images for you to browse through.   Also included here are the official sets we currently hold in stock.   Old fiathfuls mingle with new releases.  No matter where you are in your Tarot learning curve, you'll find a deck to enhance your intution, pique your curiosity, or inspire you here.
Review decks/stock clearance Review decks/stock clearance

This section has an ever-changing collection of decks that - for one reason or another - have been discounted. In some cases these are the decks Jan used to do the reviews and prepare the images for decks now in the main Tarot section; sometimes they are odd decks that never quite made it onto the cart and have been lurking in the corner of the stock room. There are some generous discounts to be had here, so it is worth checking often.

Rare and Out-of-Print Decks Rare and Out-of-Print Decks
Look here for all those hard to find Tarot decks that are no longer available from the publishers.  You'll also sometimes find limited edition private releases that are not broadly distributed.
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