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Tarot: Advanced Reading Techniques
Price: £9.95

Tarot: Advanced Reading Techniques. Available in downloadable PDF format.
What distinguishes truly fine Tarot readers from the rest is their grasp of the delicate interplays between different card combinations. This is a huge subject area that is challenging to master. The complexity arises because there are 78 cards in a Tarot deck, each with their own entire range of meanings, which can present in countless permutations. An accomplished reader will assess each card with reference to the other cards in the reading, and draw out information from the interactions.

This extensive and advanced material gives aspiring Tarot readers the tools to interpret these combinations. The book also teaches readers to blend these interpretations into a coherent whole. It explains why a card might influence its neighbours as it does, and presents many examples of pairings and groupings for each of the cards, along with possible interpretations

The ebook also contains articles on:
     • Tackling difficult readings
     • How to decide whether you are ready to be a professional reader
     • The responsibilities and ethics of a Tarot reader

This comprehensive ebook, with in-depth examinations of each of the 78 cards, is essential reading to broaden a reader’s understanding and grasp of the Tarot. Available in downloadable format. 92 pages, with illustrations.

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