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2015 Lunar Year Wall Planner
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Unique 2015 Lunar Year Planner

Described by some as the most confusing Year Planner ever, this attractive A2 full colour poster has a unique design, with all of the phases of the moons aligned horizontally. The top row shows all of the New Moons, followed by the days of the Waxing Moon. The centre line shows the Full Moons, followed by the days of the Wane, and the last three rows are Moon Dark. All manner of events can be either planned or recorded across the year, and you can easily see at a glance in which phase of the moon they occur, and any correspondences.

This has obvious benefits for any magickal work. If you are planning any workings or celebrations on a particular moon phase, then you can instantly see suitable dates. The calendar also has the exact GMT/BST (UK) time and astrological sign for every Full Moon, New Moon and Quarter Day across the year to further help your planning. Similarly, if you are recording the results of magickal work it will soon become apparent what effect the moon's phase is having. If you are planning to use this chart outside of the UK, a time zone conversion chart is included with UK, US and Australasian times.

The usefulness of this year planner goes far beyond the magickal realm however. A host of activities can planned using this calendar, from night fishing and hunting, through to Permaculture gardening and astronomy. Likewise the astrological data will prove invaluable to astrologers as well.

In addition to the lunar information, the eight Pagan Sabbats of the year are also shown, and the Equinoxes and Solstices are marked with their correct astrological time. Every month is marked in alternating shading, making it easier to find your way around, and the changes to and from British Summer Time are also marked.

The Lunar Year Planner was conceived and designed in this format by Graham Miller, author of The Busy Pagan, a guide to celebrating the Pagan Sabbats in the Modern World. Graham has been producing the Year Planner for over twenty years, and has recently begun collaborating with Amanda Folwell to produce the beautifully illustrated version available for 2015. Amanda's work will be familiar to all as the graphic artist and designer behind the Angel Paths website.


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