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Sigil of Bether
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Sigil of Bether - Lapis lazuli, stone of prosperity and abundance, with the sigil of Jupiter's spirit for abundance and wealth.

More about lapis lazuli:
This is one of my all-time favourite stones.  It works jointly on the brow and throat chakras, thus increasing intuition and stimulating ones' communication skills.  It protects against psychic attack, releases pent-up stress and anger safely, allowing the soul to find its rightful place.  Promoting honesty and self-knowledge, lapis assists in the assessment of one's ethical framework, bringing a more harmonious sense of morality and calm to the character.  It frees us to become more authentic and true to our inner beliefs.  With an ancient tradition of being able to release hidden or arcane knowledge it is also a remarkable help in meditation.

Each Briar Gemstone Pendant is set in 925 Sterling Silver, ornamented with 18ct gold, and includes a design of ancient symbols and scripts that correspond with and promote the specific benefits of each gemstone. They are mounted on a black cord, and presented in a purple satin pouch, each Briar Gemstone has its own unique energy, vibration and aura. Shipping is included in the price.

Tuning in to your Briar Gemstone Pendant:
Firstly find a quiet place, sit down in a comfortable position, and then ground and centre yourself. Hold your pendant in front of you and study it very carefully. By meditating on the gemstone's colours, inclusions and beauty, you will start to tune into its unique vibration. Your aura will begin to join with the aura of the Gemstone. Study the ancient symbols or scripts on the pendant and allow these shapes to imprint on your aura. Then put it on.