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Jewelled |Pentagram
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A key symbol in the western mystical traditon, the Pentagram is a 5-pointed star representing the four elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth surmounted by the Spirit.  It is inscribed in the air by western Magicians and Witches during the ritual creation and cleansing of elemental energies within the magickal working circle and is also used for protection and purification by practitioners of High Magick in the Lesser Banishing Ritual. The Magickal Pentagrams in this range come from a number of different magickal traditions and were designed for many different purposes.

The jewel at the centre of this classic circled Pentagram acts as a focal point to support whatever magickal intention it is empowered by.

Each piece is produced in lead-free pewter, embellished with gold, silver and Swarovski crystals.  They come with an 18" chain, with a presentation box.  Price includes shipping.

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