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Carnelian Chakra Bracelet Dowser

Carnelian Chakra Bracelet Dowser
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This is a chunky carnelian pendulum. The beads on the bracelet are all semi-precious, and correspond to the chakras. The pendulum can be detached from the bracelet if desired.

This is an energy boosting stone, stimulating the connection between base and sacral chakras and ensuring good flow.  It is also protective, and acts to diffuse anger and negatvity.  Highly regard in Ancient Egyptian culture, it was often worked into amulets, which were thought to provide a certain armour from harm in the outside world.  It promotes self confidence and raises self-esteem, while generally calming any disturbing energies.  Its stimulant effects are said to improve memory and concentration.  And it is often used during work on past-lives.

The pendulum bracelet comes in an organza pouch, with a factsheet to get you started using it.

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