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Love/Mandala Tarot Reading Gift Voucher

Love/Mandala Tarot Reading Gift Voucher
Love/Mandala Tarot Reading Gift Voucher
Price: SEK378.28
Points Price: 330
Reward Points: 33


This is a Gift Voucher for a Mandala or Looking for Love Tarot Spread.  You can purchase this as a gift for a friend, who can redeem it to claim their reading.   We'll be happy to contact them to tell them about the gift you have purchased for them, instructing them how to collect their reading, and including your special message if you would like.

Looking for Love Tarot Spread

Mandala Tarot Spread

What happens after you buy a gift voucher for a friend or loved one from Angel Paths?

The first thing that will happen, after you have received the regular automated confirmations of purchase is that Jan will contact you to check with you whether you would like to pass on the voucher details yourself - this can be done by email - or whether you would prefer the contact to come direct from Angel Paths.   If the latter she will collect all details from you, including the message you wish to include.  As soon as the gift voucher is activated at this end an automated email will come out to you containing the details, and your friend will be given instructions as to how to send their card information in.

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