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Mandala Spread

Mandala Spread
This spread reveals the strengths, weaknesses and desires which lead one toward a growth in spirituality.
Price: 32.95
Points Price: 330
Reward Points: 33


1. An overview of the Self
2. Ambitions and goals
3. Ideals and dreams
4. Real achievements at this time
5. Dependencies, faulty beliefs
6. Strengths and positive traits
7. Fears and weaknesses
8. Self perception
9. Results and answers

In its purest form the Mandala spread assesses one's spiritual path. It can be adapted to address specific issues, and questions, or an open reading with no overall question can be posed.  This spread reveals the strengths, weaknesses and desires which lead one toward a growth in spirituality, and fulfillment, indicating pitfalls and positive points in a way that makes it possible for the querent to put together a much more rewarding approach to life.

What happens when you order a reading from us:  You will receive an automated response from the shop, thanking you for your order, and giving you instructions about how to select the cards for your reading.  If this email has not arrived within one hour of your purchase, please check your Junk Mail file, in case the incoming address has not been recognised.  If you do not find the achknowledgement email there, email Jan using jan(at) and let her know.  Upon receipt of your details, Jan will confirm, giving you some idea of how long your reading will take.  As a general rule, all short readings are dispatched within a maximum of seven days from receipt of information (three and seven-card). Medium length readings are dispatched within a maximum of fourteen days. Long readings may take up to twenty-eight days to dispatch.

When your reading is finished, Jan will first send you an email telling you it's on its way, then you will receive the reading itself as a Word.doc attachment in a second email.  There is only ever one attachment in that email.   If you do not receive the second email, or have difficulty opening it, contact Jan and she will forward your reading in a different fashion.

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Positive Customer Review
Carol (Guest)
Insightfull, encouraging and honest
This reading was so accurate it is astounding. it was like reading a precised account of the last 7 years of my life.
The accuracy of Jans understanding of my recent emotions and thought processes over the last 6 months took me aback, and also shed some light on things I knew but had not revealed even to myself. The reading did not pull any punches it was clear, unemotional and very encouraging as it reaffirms that my life requires me to take action.
Jan is the real deal.
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