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Avalonion Phoenix

Avalonion Phoenix
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Size: 49mmx32mm
Price: TW$858.43
Points Price: 150
Reward Points: 15

For fruitful transitions.  Otherworld mythology states that Avalon is an island of peace and paradise. Its Celtic Phoenix emblem soars between this world and the next, helping to transition all souls to their rightful resting  place.  Shipping included in price.

This range draws its inspiration from classic Celtic designs with a taste of Wicca and ancient mythology.  Symbols are carefully combined to harmonise with the overall intended function of the pendant. The pieces are carefully crafted in allergy-free Zinc Alloy, some enhanced with gold plate and stones.  Each is fitted with an 18" high quality silver-plated chain, and supplied in a purple satiny drawstring gift pouch. 

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