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Phoenix Flame

Phoenix Flame
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"My Phoenix is reborn from sacred flame, shining with fiery life immortal, and promises to keep my crystal's powers of renewed energy and confidence for me alone."

This beautiful range, Crystal Keepers, has been masterfully designed by Anne Stokes. Every piece reflects her meticulous attention to detail. The Keepers, incorporating traditional mythological emblems, are cast in brass, then coated with high quality silver plate.  The faceted zirconia stones are worked artfully into the Keeper designs.  Each piece is supplied with an 18" (48cm) silver-plated chain, in a satiny drawstring pouch.  Each pendant is approximately 1"x 2" (20cm x40cm). Shipping is included in the price.

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Positive Customer Review
Eleanor (Guest)
Beautiful necklace!
This piece is far more gorgeous than the pictures show, and has a lovely feeling to it. So attractive The Husband noticed it, and now wants one of his own:-) I do like the feeling of the crystal in it as well. That's all my Christmas/Solstice/Chanukkah presents sorted out...
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