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Healing Chakra Grid Set

Healing Chakra Grid Set
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Invite a little chakra crystal power into your life with an Angel Paths Chakra Grid Set. These new, exclusive sets have been a couple of years in the research and creation. In brief, they use the power of crystals in combination with your own energies to construct a carefully balanced "aura of attraction" which helps to draw to you the Universal blessing you need. Each set contains seven crystals, one for each major chakra, selected for their natural affinity, to harness Cosmic energy. These crystals, and their "programme" crystal have been individually charged to attune them to both "their" chakra, and the purpose of the specific grid.

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Each set contains seven charged crystals, each with its own small pouch, and the programme crystal, all these contained within a larger pouch for safe-keeping and recharge when the grid is not running; a simple “chakra person” diagram and a full set of instructions specific to the grid you have chosen.  The enclosed instructions are very comprehensive, and we offer back-up support for particular queries.

It is generally thought that when the human energy system is balanced and each of the major chakras is doing its job properly, physical good health will naturally result. Maintaining the energy system in balance is a complex challenge these days. We eat the wrong things, live the wrong way, and are exposed on a moment-by-moment basis to various unnatural assaults on our systems. Rebalancing becomes a full-time job. This Chakra Set creates a grid that assists in that process. It is important to understand that use of this grid may not be regarded as a substitute for any allopathic (conventional) medical treatments. It can, however, run comfortably alongside these treatments without upsetting the apple cart.

Special notes:
The crystals in these sets are all individually charged ceremonially, in a ritual which can only be performed during a waxing Moon. Whilst we do our best to ensure we have sufficient stocks, because of the specific requirements of the empowerment rite, when we run out we have to wait until we are able to charge more sets. If you find that your chosen set is out of stock, please go ahead and pre-order. This will help us to ensure that we make your set before we consider regular stock levels.  We will be in touch as soon as your order is received to let you know when to expect delivery.

Healing Grid in Action

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Positive Customer Review
Eleanor (Guest)
Solid Subtle Healing Support
I intended this grid to work on my Ulcerative Colitis. This is a nasty disease, which can be fatal in rare circumstances. I got the grid and started working with it about a year after I was diagnosed, and eight months after I started treatment. I've been using it ever since.

The effects of the grid that I've noticed are subtle but incredibly useful - I didn't get an immediate and miraculous cure, nor was I expecting one - but I definitely do not have the condition as badly as most people get it. I've noticed that my instincts on what I want to do about the symptoms are usually then borne out by the latest research, or advice from the specialist Inflammatory Bowel Disease nurses, which is a great affirmation that I know my body and am able to care for it.

I've been 'encouraged', in a gentle but very firm way, to face up to my own issues about looking after myself - no more Jewish Mother martyr attitude for me! And in some ways, it's a joy to do the things for me that I need to do, rather than a bind - obvious stuff, like a healthy diet, get enough sleep, gentle exercise.

When I do get a flareup, I am getting far more support and validation from the IBD nurses than I expected - a quick response and practical helpful advice.

I also have a good understanding of my condition, which helps me to feel more in control and less at the mercy of it and the health professionals.

Even my working life has now changed to enable me to live a less stressful life, so as not to exacerbate the condition.

I would highly recommend the healing grid - it won't make for a miracle cure (at least it might but it's not guaranteed:-), but mine is an essential support in my quest for living a healthy life and dealing with a potentially nasty condition.
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