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Blade and Chalice

Blade and Chalice

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Shipping included in price. In medieval times it was believed that the Knights Templar guarded the Holy Grail with their Templar swords.  The invincible and perfect union, they come together to form the hexagram of Soloman's Seal and represent too perfect balance and completeness.  Thus this sigil brings the wearer Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.

The Knights Templar captured fame and fortune during medieval times and lived to the highest principles of the Middle Ages - Bravery and Chivalry.  These warrior knights possessed an appetitie for knowledge that reached from pagan and magick across a broad range of religons.  Known for both worldly treasure and esoteric knowledge, the Templar mythos transcends Time and Space to energise these compelling symbols.

These amulets are made of zinc alloy, as are their chains.  This is a relatively low-allergy material.  Each piece comes in its own gift box

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