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Rainbow Moonstone Rune Set

Rainbow Moonstone Rune Set
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Shipping included in price.  A 25-piece set of Elder Futhark hand-made runes on good quality rainbow moonstone, supplied in their own fabric pouch.   A comprehensive set of instructions (7 pages) is supplied by email.  The runes themselves are first etched onto the stones, and then the etching filled with gold paint, thus giving them a little more durability during casting.  The stones in any given set do vary enormously since each of these sets is unique.

This stone is actually slightly closer to labradorite than to moonstone, interestingly enough.  When highly polished pieces often exhibit that same luminescence as is common to its cousin.   Rainbow moonstone helps us to reconnect when we have fallen away from our spiritual inclinations, by gently guiding us into more open and trusting pathways.  This stone has very strong links with the divine feminine energy, generating joy and appreciation of life.

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