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Amethyst Rune Set

Amethyst Rune Set
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Shipping included in price.  A 25-piece set of Elder Futhark hand-made runes on good quality amethyst, supplied in their own fabric pouch.   A comprehensive set of instructions (7 pages) is supplied by email.  The runes themselves are first etched onto the stones, and then the etching filled with gold paint, thus giving them a little more durability during casting.  The stones in any given set do vary enormously since each of these sets is unique.

Amethyst is remarkable in its ability to assist when a person is struggling to break through self-imposed boundaries or limiting belief systems, for it boosts courage, bringing calm objectivity and a sense of inner strength.  The stone also boosts psychism and intuition and promotes revelationary dreams. One of its remarkable qualities is its ability to help in the process of breaking addictions and dependancies, often by working to facilitate objectivity and focus, which makes root problems easier to identify and disempower. Amethyst is also protective, particularly effective in repelling negative psychic influences and thought forms.

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