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Medieval Enchantment (Nigel Jackson) Tarot

Medieval Enchantment (Nigel Jackson) Tarot

Rare deck. Price includes shipping

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Price: 199.95
Points Price: 2,000
Reward Points: 200


Price includes shipping.  This is also known as the Nigel Jackson Tarot, published in 2004.  Based on medieval and Pythagorean themes, it is a much sought after deck.  Delicate pastel tones colour images which owe a fair bit to the Rider-Waite type of design, interspersed with some classical tarot imagery.  Note that the elemental attribution of Swords and Wands is swapped to Fire and Air respectively.   The outer of this set is very gfaded and scruffy, but the cards and book are in perfect condition.

Over the years we have managed to collect an astonishing number of tarot decks which never, for one reason and another, found their way onto the shopping cart. Some of these decks have subsequently dropped out of print and become progressively more difficult to source. So - we have been rooting around in the dusty corners of the stockroom, and here are the decks we have found. Some of them are used. Some of them have damaged or faded outers. Prices claim a certain premium related to the rarity of the decks involved - but by no means exhibit some of the fierce pricing attitudes I have seen here and there. Some of them are in virtually pristine condition - or even completely new. If you find a deck you want, read the description carefully so that you understand exactly their condition. If you are disappointed with your purchase when it arrives, simply email me and let me know that you are returning it - and then do that within seven days of receipt for a refund. Here I do reserve the right to retain 5 to cover commission/handling.

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