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New Age/Neuzeit Tarot

New Age/Neuzeit Tarot
Rare Deck. Designer: Walter Wegmuller   Publisher: AGMuller Size: 699 x 1080 cm (2.75 x 4.25).  Price includes shipping. 
Price: £49.95
Points Price: 500
Reward Points: 50


This out-of-print deck has a slightly damaged cardboard outer.  The cards and instruction booklet are in very good condition.

Walter Wegmuller was born in Switzerland, having close contact with certain of the Rom gypsy culture, coming into contact with traditional tarot at a very early age.    Having met and studied under Sergius Golowin, writer and ethnologist, he developed an extensive understanding of tarot symbolism.

That foundation, plus I suspect the times frame when the deck was designed has produced a psychedelic, symbol-rich, quirky esoteric deck which yields a little bit more up each time you look at it.   This is one of those decks that you will probably either love or hate. 

Many of the images seem cluttered with apparently chaotic symbolism, but on closer examination a sort of ordered madness begins to emerge.  Like on the Hermit card, the tree in the background has branches made of outstretched pointing hands and arms.  In the Moon, depicting a very typically medieval scene, there’s a car tucked under one of the pylon walls and a flat-roofed buildings complete with aerials in the background.

The Minors are equally as filled with detail.  The two active Suits have common foreground images, with stylised interpretations of the cards beyond.  Wands have a sort of mound, filled with hands and eyes, whereas Swords have various seas of crowds of people on several of the cards.  Again the quirky attention to detail shows.  Check out the 2 of Wands – doesn’t that look like a cartoon sketch of Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr to you?  And check out the flame-faces on the candles on the 10, and the symbols at the very tips of the flames.

I like these cards very much, but I really would have to say they are probably for the symbol-minded, like myself.   And they are not beginner’s cards.

The Empress
The Hermit
The Moon
2 Wands
10 Wands
7 Cups
Knight Cups
7 Swords
Queen Swords
2 Pentacles
Knight Pents

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Positive Customer Review
tarafae (Guest)
Tarot with applicable symbolism for today.
Don't let the busy artwork fool you. This deck brings new life to the stuffy old traditional symbolism of R/W decks. That's not to say that the symbolism disregards the traditional - it just breathes new life into it. These cards have been drawn with a love of community, humanity and sanctity and if you allow yourself to 'see' in to the images, you will find 'real' answers and insights based on love of life/nature and all our brothers and sisters. Definately worth getting.
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