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Quintessence - Garnet set on sybols of Quintessence, the fifth and highest Element after Air, Earth, Fire and Water. A pentagram with five orbiting pentagrams for psychic insight.

More about garnet:
Garnet quite simply brings out the best in us, and in our approach to life. It drives up our awareness, making us much more responsive and adaptable; at the same time, it increases our magnetism, attracting to us those things we will treasure and appreciate.  It is a system booster, driving energy levels up in a smooth and steady fashion, increasing optimism and promoting positivity.  By building self-confidence and innovative thinking, it can bring success in the most unexpected ways.  It cleanses weak chakras, restoring them to full function, and thereby affecting most areas of physical well-being.  Because of its purifying effect it tends to increase and enhance one's commitment to truth, and to deepen heart-felt commitment.

Each Briar Gemstone Pendant is set in 925 Sterling Silver, ornamented with 18ct gold, and includes a design of ancient symbols and scripts that correspond with and promote the specific benefits of each gemstone. They are mounted on a black cord, and presented in a purple satin pouch, each Briar Gemstone has its own unique energy, vibration and aura. Shipping is included in the price.

Tuning in to your Briar Gemstone Pendant:
Firstly find a quiet place, sit down in a comfortable position, and then ground and centre yourself. Hold your pendant in front of you and study it very carefully. By meditating on the gemstone's colours, inclusions and beauty, you will start to tune into its unique vibration. Your aura will begin to join with the aura of the Gemstone. Study the ancient symbols or scripts on the pendant and allow these shapes to imprint on your aura. Then put it on.

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Positive Customer Review
Betty (Guest)
The silver setting is the perfect compliment to the stone.
The pentagram with five orbiting pentagrams is beautiful with the garnet stone.
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