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Viking Compass

Viking Compass
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Viking Compass - Iolite was used by the Vikings to navigate the sea.  Astrological symbols for Water surround the piece for safe travel.

More about iolite:
This is a soul stone, working primarily on the function of the Brow chakra.  Though the initial impact of its influence feels gentle - even almost indescernible at times - it is, in fact, a remarkable transformational stone.  It leads one inexorably toward the central focus and meaning of one's current life and intended path.  Psychism, intuition, visions and trance are all enhanced and heightened by iolite, and it is said that this crystal works upon the pineal gland more efficiently than any other. As it increases insight and perception, it functions well to free the individual from external expectations, allowing clarity when identifying personal and soul needs. 

Each Briar Gemstone Pendant is set in 925 Sterling Silver, ornamented with 18ct gold, and includes a design of ancient symbols and scripts that correspond with and promote the specific benefits of each gemstone. They are mounted on a black cord, and presented in a purple satin pouch, each Briar Gemstone has its own unique energy, vibration and aura. Shipping is included in the price.

Tuning in to your Briar Gemstone Pendant:
Firstly find a quiet place, sit down in a comfortable position, and then ground and centre yourself. Hold your pendant in front of you and study it very carefully. By meditating on the gemstone's colours, inclusions and beauty, you will start to tune into its unique vibration. Your aura will begin to join with the aura of the Gemstone. Study the ancient symbols or scripts on the pendant and allow these shapes to imprint on your aura. Then put it on.


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