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Mercurea - Sodalite, gemstone of the Throat Chakra, with the symbols of Air and Mercury, planet of intellect and communication.

More about sodalite:
Sodalite is one of my all-time favourite stones.  I love the way it unclutters a troubled mind, giving you the insight and breathing space to get straight to the heart of the problem, and objectively assess it until you gain useful new perspectives.  This stone has a remarkable way of healing ruptured and damaged relationships, as well as assisting in clearing up misunderstanding.  It helps enormously with the gathering of knowledge and is one of the most proficient crystals I have ever worked withh when trying to learn new techniques and topics.  It is also veryhelpful for bridging the gap that can sometimes appear in creative projects where your heart knows what you need to do, but your hands and mind do not seem to want to follow suit.

Each Briar Gemstone Pendant is set in 925 Sterling Silver, ornamented with 18ct gold, and includes a design of ancient symbols and scripts that correspond with and promote the specific benefits of each gemstone. They are mounted on a black cord, and presented in a purple satin pouch, each Briar Gemstone has its own unique energy, vibration and aura. Shipping is included in the price.

Tuning in to your Briar Gemstone Pendant:
Firstly find a quiet place, sit down in a comfortable position, and then ground and centre yourself. Hold your pendant in front of you and study it very carefully. By meditating on the gemstone's colours, inclusions and beauty, you will start to tune into its unique vibration. Your aura will begin to join with the aura of the Gemstone. Study the ancient symbols or scripts on the pendant and allow these shapes to imprint on your aura. Then put it on.



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