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Drake's Leviathon

Drake's Leviathon
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"Albion, the ancient name for the British Isles, has come to mean all that is legendary in Britain's history and landscape.  The Lost Treasures of Albion charms are ancient Britain's legacy, a reminder that past glory promises future greatness."

"Sir Francis Drake, vice admiral, sea captain and known pirate, sailed the seven seas for his queen, Eleizabeth I, becoming the first Englishman to circumnavigate the globe. The Leviathon, an ancient serpentine sea monster, sunk many ships, but not Drake's, whose luck was famed. This anchor and serpent design is tribute to Britannia's rule of the waves, and the fearless adventurers who sailed under the Union Jack."

Lovingly crafted in pewter and enhanced with gold plating and enamel, presented with a matching 18" chain and a satin pouch.   Price includes shipping.

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