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"A key to our own unconscious minds, the word forbidden itself draws us to the darker mystical and magickal parts of us that society conditions us to dismiss as mere childish fantasy.   These Forbidden pendants combine archetypal images with Seals and Sigils from Ancient Grimoires, to form powerful Magickal Amulets and Talismans."

Clutching its divine ball, the Dragon symbolises Life Force combined with the magickal energy of the Pentagram to form a powerful talisman for Skrying into the Future.

These fabulous gothic-style pendants are an exquisite mixture of darkness and beauty. Based on lead-free pewter, finished in gold and silver, and decorated with enamelling and Swarovski crystals, each piece comes with an 18" chain, and is presented in a lined velvet pouch.  Price includes shipping.

How to empower your talisman, amulet or charm

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Positive Customer Review
Alice (Guest)
Lovely, and very effective
I had joined a development circle to try to improve my psychism, and was proving to be about as psychic as a doornail. Since buying this pendant, and wearing it regularly, I have found that I am much better at picking up impressions from objects.
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