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Fancy Jasper Dowsing Pendulum

Fancy Jasper Dowsing Pendulum
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So called "fancy" jasper is fancy indeed, appearing in varying hues from green right the way to strong orange.  It is a remarkably positive stone, nourishing and replenishing.  When carried the stonehas a helpful habit of chasing down and gently eliminating negative energies, so it is of great assistance with chronic health conditions, and the elimination of damaging stress.   It also absorbs negative energies in the atmosphere - and for this reason needs cleansing often.  It also works to cleanse the aura, and to close up weak spots.

Because of the stone's remarkable qualities to identify and nullify negative energy, this is not so much of a divination tool as it is a reliable tool for those of us who dedicate ourselves to identifying and eliminating darkness.

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