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Green-Moss Agate Dowsing Pendulum

Green-Moss Agate Dowsing Pendulum
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Green Moss agate wide-bodied dowsing pendulum, fitted with a 6" chain, terminating with a carnelian bead.  This stone is about an inch long, and perhaps half an inch wide at its broadest point, cut with six side facets.

Green moss agate has a great affinity with the land and therefor with tracking earth energies.  This is a good  stone for tracing out variations in leylines and vortices - it also works remarkably well when used to dowse maps for this same sort of informaton - though I have never quite worked out why.  Agates are generally protective, so it will not only sniff out 'power spots' but will also locate negative land energies.  If you have ever wondered about the safety of electrical powerlines, use this pendulum near one!

The pendulum comes in a velvet pouch, with a factsheet to get you started using it.

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