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Jan's Guide to the Tarot 2nd Edition - eBook

Jan's Guide to the Tarot 2nd Edition - eBook
Jan's Guide to Tarot (2nd Edition) downloadable in PDF format.;
Price: 14.95
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Reward Points: 15

The 2nd Edition of Jan's Guide to the Tarot is a must-have starting text for those new to Tarot and an essential reference for experienced or professional readers. Jan Shepherd has been reading Tarot professionally for over 40 years and for the last 17 years has run Angel Paths, one of the world's premier online Tarot resources. 

This new edition, which has been three years in research and production, contains all of the information from the 1st Edition, expanded to over twice the original size with new material, notably the content of two of Jan's highly regarded face to face teaching courses, which produced professional readers. The Guide includes:
  • commentaries on all 78 cards, illustrated with images from the Thoth Deck, Rider Waite Deck, and the Sky Paths Tarot,
  • Working With information for self-development, including affirmations for every card,
  • in-depth articles on Original and Modern Court Cards, Numerology and the Elements,
  • interpretations of card combinations, with in-text hyperlinks to enable ease of use
  • and a structured approach to learning how to interpret tarot cards, along with a couple of suggested spreads.

This ebook is available in PDF downloadable format.

Take a sneak peek here.

Did you purchase a copy of  the Angel Paths Guide to the Tarot 1st edition?  Are you thinking of buying this update? Contact Jan for details of a special discount to thank you 

What they said about the original Guide:
The Enchanter:  "Jan has a very insightful and sensitive understanding of the Tarot. After studying Tarot for the past 23 years, I don't often buy books (certainly not ones that are for free on line) about it very often. I wanted to be able to reference her work with out the need for an internet connection. I also wanted to support such a caring and giving person. Go Jan!  Your fan from across the pond."

Julia HeadinCloud: "Silver spoon and a golden pen.  This is what my guide impressed on me before buying the book - I wasn't dissapointed."

Mike S:  "Very useful tool. This is now probably my primary reference whilst learning to read the tarot. I find the interpretations really positive, and the cross-references between cards are invaluable."

Lucky: "love this book.This book is a must have.

Amy G.:  "I am so glad I bought this Guide.  I love the interpretations, and  it was great to have the site to reference whenever I needed to check a card."

Jim: "Angel Paths has always been my go-to site, and now this book is my go-to book."

Average Customer Rating: 5 based on 6 reviews. Write a review.

Positive Customer Review
Positive and uplifting
I love love this book. Jan always gives a positive spin on her writings. They are informative and thorough.
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