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Law of Attraction Tarot

Law of Attraction Tarot
Designers: Marina Roveda & Simone Gabrielli. Publishers: Lo Scarabeo 2011  Size: 660cm x 1200cm (2.8 x 4.7). Price includes shipping. 
Price: £19.95
Points Price: 200
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Shipping included in price.   This is a fascinating deck – though a good working knowledge of traditional tarot could be a useful springboard since none of the cards carry names, or written suits – but more of that later.

The deck derives from the principle of the ancient Law of Attraction – that is, the successful exploitation of the like-attracts-like principle in order to create what you want out of life by using your focussed thoughts and actions of intent to draw to you the things that will assist you in your spiritual and physical journey in life.   This is, of course, a principle brought to popular notice by books recently like “The Secret”.

The artwork, by Simone Gabrielli, draws from modern (and not so modern) everyday life for its illustrations, which are often executed in classic comic-book style – though they also explode unexpectedly toward fantasy with some images.  The deck is enormously varied and perhaps not particularly cohesive, but is nevertheless certainly liable to bring new perspective to those of us who are already familiar with tarot symbolism.   Equally I found some images really provocative, expanding my thinking about some cards, particularly in today’s context.

The Little White Book supplied with the deck confines its interpretative guidance to the theme of the Law of Attraction and the concept of using the deck to improve our ability to create what we want – though it often cross-references more standard meanings too in the keywords included.

The single most swiftly familiar card is probably the fool – this is instantly recognisable as following our expectations for the imagery on this card…..but from there on in the deck takes us on a sometimes mind-boggling search for extended understanding.  I have a feeling this deck is one of those that one could develop new understandings from  for a couple of years.  Certainly both the cards and the brief interpretations did what I need a new deck to do – they piqued my interest, and encouraged me to try to contrast and compare against what I already know.

All cards have keyword titles assigned them – for example I am still trying to work out why the Magician is represented by a cobbler mending somebody’s boot.  The Chariot is the first of those explosions of fantasy art I mentioned, with a charging chariot hammering pell mell from a fire-lit sky.

Death is represented by an emergent butterfy, whilst the Hanged Man swaps his customary uncomfortable position for that of a tightrope walker and takes the name Doubt.

The Star is…quite simply…beautiful and the Moon is a remarkably strong card where a robed figure travels a snow-scene surrounded by eyes and overlooked by a female face in the moon from which fly bats.
Each of the pip cards has a name assigned it.   Sometimes the name of the card and its interpretation veers wildly away from traditional accepted meanings – the 5 of Cups becomes Happiness.  Its image shows us a field full of sunflowers, and the interpretation speaks  of dreams of love becoming  reality.

The courts do not necessarily depict people – but for example the Queen of Cups shows us  a foetus in the womb of a pregnant woman, and her hands rest in a position against her belly that I think all of us will recognise.  I also find it interesting how often “the light at the end of the tunnel” is represented through the suit of  Swords.

This is a really interesting deck – but one that probably requires considerable study to get the best out of it.  I see it primarily as a self-development deck I think – in this context the cards themselves and the interpretations given are helpful.

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9 Wands
5 Cups
Queen Cups
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