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2012: Tarot of the Ascension

2012: Tarot of the Ascension
Designer: Michele Penco and Pierluca Zizzi  Publishers: Lo Scarabeo 2010 Size: 600mmx 1200mm (2.50" x 4.75") Price includes shipping.
Price: £19.95
Points Price: 200
Reward Points: 20


Price includes shipping. This deck, conceived and created by Michele Penco and Pierluca Zizzi, takes for its theme the widely held belief that 2012 is a momentous year in terms of spiritual development in our race -  several ancients texts point to this time as one in which mankind can count on being either killed or cured.

Accordingly the images, interpretive pointers and the especially designed reading included in the leaflet all follow concepts of self-growth and rebirth.  This leads to a couple of newly assigned functions for certain cards, and there’s a flavour of inner striving carried throughout.

The artwork is lavish and highly detailed , most cards displaying a remarkable use of perspective.  In many cases the background adds immeasurably to the card’s ability to convey its topic.  There are some truly interesting juxtapositions in some of these cards – for example both Sun and Moon display both heavenly bodies.

The Magician is an interesting example of this.  Looking at the upper half of the card, we see a figure standing before a table upon which are various implements.   This table appears to be within a draped tent of sorts.  However an examination of the lower half of the card reveals an expansive  valley landscape.

Major card 13 – usually Death – is renamed here as Ascension, though this name is not displayed on the card itself.  Again here we see that anomaly of perspective – a giant figure towers above city streets, drawing aside a veil which reveals the expanse of the Cosmos.

The world shows us a central figure again towering above a lush landscape, and the Elemental animals are replaced by scenes from various lands and cultures.

The Minors follow the regular Wands, Chalices, Swords, Pentacles pattern, with the Courts running Knave, Knight, Queen, King.  Many of the images pay a certain acknowledgement to RW symbolism, but this is expanded and enriched to fit with the “one world” theme.  Each card shows the symbol of the relevant suit placed around the card, though not usually woven into the actual design.

The reading included in the  instruction booklet is quite interesting – it is a seven-card lay-out  which attempts to determine the querent’s current obstacles, then following through by suggesting an experience that must be gathered in order to overcome the highlighted obstacle, this process finally culminating in a last card which suggests the spiritual lift accessed by going through the steps suggested.  

The Sun
The World
10 Wands
Kn. Wands
6 Chal
Kna. Chal
6 Swords
8 Swords
3 Pents
5 Pents

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