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Tarot of Mermaids

Tarot of Mermaids
Designers: Mauro de Luca/Pietro Aligo. Publishers: Lo Scarabeo 2003   Size:  600mm x 1200mm (2.5" x 4.75")  Shipping included in price.  
Price: £22.95
Points Price: 230
Reward Points: 23


This is a pretty deck based on mermaids (as you might have guessed).   Overall the artwork, by Mauro De Luca, is pastel in tone. One notable feature is a kind of rainbow hue effect that occurs on several cards.   From the Lo Scarabeo stable, it is another of the themed decks that this publisher does so well.  

Images pay loose homage to the Rider Waite imagery, though many of the traditionally male figures are replaced by females – most notably the Knights across all suits, and the Magician.  Those of a relatively modest disposition would do well to realise there are a great many bare-breasted women scattered through the deck – no fancy bikini tops for these mermaids ;-)

Supporting imagery generally maintains the underwater theme, with dolphins replacing the Chariot’s churning horses, and a lighthouse replacing the Tower.

The Majors follow the regular pattern, and suits are (oddly) named Wands, Chalices, Pentacles and Swords, though the symbols depicted on the cards are in keeping with the oceanic theme, and are referred to by the secondary titles of Shells, Pearls, Oars and Tridents in the accompanying leaflet.  Certainly the images show these objects on the cards themselves.

One thing that struck me throughout is that some cards are painted in a fashion which is extraordinarily sensitive to the effect of light and shadow – these cards are particularly beautiful.

I do have more than a few criticisms of the Little White Book that accompanies this deck.  If you are a relative beginner I’d be very tempted to discard it altogether and go looking for a slightly more reliable Rider-Waite related source book.  For one thing it cannot make up its mind whether Swords are “replaced” by Tritons or Tridents (that’s not a small mistake at all isn’t that one) though the cards themselves depict Tridents.  

Some of the explanations of colour attributions seem somewhat random, and fail to conform to more regular and established explanations of the psychology of colour, and the so-called interpretations are not only little more than arbitrarily selected keywords, but are also downright wrong in some cases – for example for the 9 of Swords the offering is “Night mare, regret, solitude, shame”.   Ummmmmm. 

Ace Wands
Knight Wands
2 Chalices
8 Chalices
6 Swords
King Swords
3 Pentacles
7 Pentacles

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