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Golden Rider Tarot

Golden Rider Tarot
Designer:   Francois Tapernoux  Publisher:  AG Muller 1996  Size: 700mm x 1200mm (2.75 x 4.75). Price includes shipping.
Price: TW$1,088.11
Points Price: 190
Reward Points: 19


This deck is close enough to be called a clone of the Rider Waite deck, though it is actually originally drawn by Swiss artist, Francois Tapernoux.  The scans will not, unfortunately, do justice to the deck because it features a fair bit of gilding – the cards are edged in a dark gilt, and many of the images are also gilded.   Unfortunately gilding does not translate overly well in computer images, so I shall have to ask you to use your imagination to turn the falling crown from the Tower, and all the Cups gilded ;-)

The Rider Waite is probably the single most recognisable and famous deck in Tarot history.  A clone as close as this one is going to look very familiar to even the beginner.  However for those of you who are not keen on the line-edged images and the “yellowness” (as I have heard it described) of the original, this deck might prove an interesting substitute.

It uses sufficient of the original imagery for most reference books written specifically for the Waite version to still be applicable, though I do note the artist is not conversant with occult symbol, by the look of things, since certain detail has been overlooked – oddly in some cases, since elsewhere it is faithfully reproduced.

For example the Wheel has been faithfully copied despite its complexity, and yet the salamanders are missing from the Wand Court card robes.  Still that’s not really something a beginner would necessarily concern themselves with.

The instruction booklet is reasonably comprehensive, within the limitations which always exist with LWBs.

It’s a good starter deck as an alternative to the original Rider.

4 Wands
Knight Wands
6 Cups
10 Cups
Ace Swords
8 Swords
5 Pents
Queen Swords

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