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Winged Spirit Tarot

Winged Spirit Tarot
Designer: David Sexton, edited by Ruth Giles.  Publisher: US Games 1998.  Size:  800cm x 1200cm (3 x 4.75). Price includes shipping.
Price: 19.99
Points Price: 200
Reward Points: 20


"When two entities reach across great distances, bridges are formed. The Winged Spirit deck is dedicated to forming a bridge between two of these divine mysteries - the Angels and Tarot." This quote about the Winged Spirit deck gives you an immediate insight into the artistic theme which runs throughout this evocative and beautifully illustrated deck.

All figures in the deck are winged and all cards contain figures. The traditional symbolism included on simpler decks is still there for the largest part, but is put across with refreshing new insight. For instance, on the Justice card traditional scales and sword still appear but they are borne by a remarkable elfin winged messenger. Take a look at the illustration of the Moon card on this page to get a taste of this delightful deck design - a voluptuous scarlet clad redhead entices you into the process of exploration which forms one of the deepest of the Moon card's interpretations.

Courts follow traditional lay-up of King, Queen, Knight, Page - and Disks or Pentacles become Spheres. The interpretation of the themes connected to the cards is certainly evocative enough to stimulate a person with intermediate reading experience and I think the deck may work for the type of beginner who responds well to complex artistic symbolism.

The Minors are all colour coded against the Elements, and some greater insight is offered by the LWB, as the artist briefly explains his logic in terms of actual design.  Here it is possible to gain a greater understanding of each image.

The instruction book brings insight to the Kabbalistic view of angels and archangels as each of them are related to specific Major Arcana cards. For instance, the Devil (which is a deliciously provocative illustration) is credited to Lucifer. Though the interpretations given in the booklet are (as always) brief they do bring fresh insight. One criticism I have of the booklet is that there is not one single spread included nor is there even the briefest indication of how to work with the deck. Therefore beginners be warned!

The Emperor
The Hermit
The Moon
Ace Wands
10 Wands
Ace Cups
Queen Cups
2 Swords
8 Swords
5 Spheres
10 Spheres

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