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Morgan Greer Tarot

Morgan Greer Tarot
Designers: Bill Greer and Lloyd Morgan.  Publishers: US Games 1979.  Size: 700mm x 1200mm (2.75 x 4.75).  Price includes shipping.
Price: 19.95
Points Price: 200
Reward Points: 20


This is a useful starter deck, relying on the traditional symbolism as used in the Rider Waite deck. The illustrations are generally more detailed with strong use of colour though the overall images remain roughly the same. It has the traditional Queen, King, Knight, Page lay-up for Courts and makes strong use of floral and foliage images. Rods are oak staffs, the Ace of Swords has both the red and the white rose growing from the crown the sword penetrates, the Four of Cups sports a beautiful Green Man image and Disks are, by and large, bursting with growth.

The outstanding card of this deck for me image-wise is the Ace of Cups - a dove rises behind a glowing golden goblet which is held by a hand emerging from cloud. Beneath this is a lake into which water flows from the goblet and a water lily stretches bud and seed pod towards the chalice.

At a personal level I much prefer the modern slant placed on traditional symbolism and I like Bill Greer's artwork very much. The borderless effect is refreshing too.  Bill Greer, the artist, says he drew his initial inspirations from the Rider-Waite, and most of his colour guides from the work of Paul Foster Case, founder member of the Builders of the Adytum.   Whilst those of us familiar with the RW will recognise many of the overall settings and concepts reflected in these cards, I find it interesting that the figures are much more to the forefront in this deck.

The thing which in my opinion lets this deck down is the poor quality of the twelve page instruction sheet. A beginner would certainly need more information than is contained here in order to start reading the cards. However that said, if you employ the method of simply looking carefully at the images on each card you can certainly learn a great deal from this deck.  Most are evocative, containing good sets of clues that would assist  somebody learning the cards.

The Empress
The Lovers
The Devil
Ace Wands
4 Wands
Ace Cups
6 Cups
Ace Swords
5 Swords
3 Coins
9 coins

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