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Osho Zen Tarot Deck and Book

Osho Zen Tarot Deck and Book
Designer: Ma Deva Padma   Publishers: St. Martin's Press  Size: 740 x 1090 cm (3 x 4.25 in).  Price includes shipping.
Price: $39.87
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I came across this deck a few years ago, on a recommendation from a friend who suggested I might find it interesting - and I surely did -  in fact it has become one of the decks I work with personally quite frequently.

It is very different indeed from standards decks - a thought worth bearing in mind if you are at the beginning of your exploration of tarot. You would not find it easy to reconcile the Osho with more classical interpretations of the Tarot.   Yet its insight and clarity is enormously refreshing and enjoyable.

Based very firmly in the tradition of Zen Buddhism, the deck brings a completely new slant to tarot.   When I first began to work with the deck, I found it often confusing and sometimes downright contradictory but much of this was based in my own mindset, rather than the deck itself.

With a little further study I found the commentaries often extended or opened out my original concept of a given card, producing yet more layers of understanding which could be applied across a range of various styles of deck.   Interpretations have a strong emphasis on the power of one's own belief system the habitual grooves in which the human mind tends to run.  Suggestions for understanding given cards will often challenge these habits, and demand that a given symbol is seen from an extended perspective.   I suppose it is this extension that I find most useful when working with the Osho.

There are probably too many re-allocations of familiar cards to detail here all Majors and Minors are afforded a title of sorts, which often (though not always) acts as a useful keyword.   However it is easy to see many of the regular faces if viewed through a slightly differently focussed lens.   For example the Devil becomes Conditioning, and tells the tale of a lion who thinks he is a sheep until he meets another lion who shows him his own reflection.  The meaning offered by the card is to be willing to drop old, limiting views of self  in favour of the awakening lion within.  Studying the image, you can see the relationship to the more conventional Devil in the bindings which tie sheep and lion so closely together, reminding of the chained people at the foot of the Horned God.

The Hermit is another card which will certainly ring bells with those used to more conventional decks  called Aloneness it celebrates the beauty of each individual's uniqueness and strength.  Fortune becomes Change and address the great realm of cosmic cycles and shifts, and the image bears an fascinating blend of IChing and Western Astrological symbols.  Judgement, or the Aeon is replaced with Beyond Illusion which bears the image of a butterfly, to symbolise rebirth and immortality.  The Hanged Man becomes New Vision  -  an interpretation that I really love the card is astoundingly beautiful as well.

The artwork, by Ma Deva Padma, is exquisite there is no other way to describe it. Eastern and western imagery and symbols are artfully woven into a composite bound by a remarkable use of colour.  The accompanying book is extensive in its explanations, interpretations and inclusion of  some of the most basic tenets of Zen wisdom.

I really would recommend this deck to anybody who feels ready to expand the way they look at tarot.  It's one of those must-haveŁ decks in my opinion.

New Vision
6 of Fire
7 of Fire
Ace Water
3 of Water
3 of Clouds
8 of Clouds
Ace of Rainbows
5 of Rainbows

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Positive Customer Review
Epiphanies (Guest)
It Speaks To My Soul In Whispers...
I've owned this tarot 12 years, & I only use it on those rare occasions when I am truly distraught & at "the edge of the world" with my feelings... It is always compassionate, transcendent, honest, concise, yet supportive. It's like a dozen teddy bears nuzzling tell me what I'm most afraid to hear (...or that I won't hear).

This has been one of those few decks I am able to meditate on & fully immerse myself in to study as well as accurately use for divination.

This tarot's Eastern approach echoes the meanings of, but is also a nice vacation from, the strict nature of traditional Western tarot imagery. However, neither one gets left behind. If you're curious what the author was thinking when she painted the images, she wrote a book to accompany the cards that will tell you what she intends them to show.
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