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Fey Tarot

Fey Tarot
Designers: Riccardo Minetti and Mara Aghem.   Publishers: Lo Scarabeo 2002.  Size:  66cm x 1200cm (4.72 x 2.60). Price includes shipping. 
Price: £18.95
Points Price: 190
Reward Points: 19


One of the things that has always attracted me about the World of the Fey is its naturalistic and almost shamanic attitude toward nature.   There is a certain symbiosis which exists between those of the faerie world and their environment.   It has been said that each raindrop, each snowflake, has within it one of the Fey – just as every crystal has its own deva. 

There is something otherworldly about the Fey, yet legend holds that they exist in the self-same world as we do – no doubt laughing at our attitudes and struggles, while they simply co-exist with the very roots of beauty.  

The Fey Tarot captures this mystery so completely that it is really quite difficult to express what a totally delightful vibrant deck it is.  On the surface there is wide-eyed whimsy, and sometimes  almost comical imagery – like the Fool whose body and belt are bedecked with keys, as he stares with a wild expression into the grinning maw of a Halloween pumpkin.  But the only keyhole in on his crown, atop his head…and out of sight for him at least.

The fey figures depicted on the cards often have an oriental cast to their features – not surprising when you consider artist Mara Aghem’s track record as a manga comic book artist.  Her evocative attention to detail and symbol will be easily identified by anyone taken by this art form.  

I loved the Death card – here life is played out on a chessboard while a female fey watches on, slight amusement touching her expression.  The chess pieces on the board represent some of the Major Arcana, as they gradually encircle a golden King.

This is by no means a traditional deck, and is perhaps not the easiest for a newcomer to tarot to start of with – though if the imagery appeals it is surely detailed enough to assist an enthusiast prepared to study the very most minute of details in each of the cards.

The suits each hold to their own colour scheme – Wands feature a good deal of green and gold; chalices many tones of aqua, and soft blues;   swords are primarily reds and greys; pentacles strong violet and brown tones.  The actual use of colour and detailed imagery makes this a very pleasant deck to study.  It should be noted that none of the minor cards follow the custom of displaying the actual number of suit symbols to correspond with the number of the card –but since that number is clearly displayed this does not cause any problems.  It simply leaves room within the image for more of those fascinating details.

Lovely deck!

3 Wands
King Wands
3 Chalices
10 Chalices
2 Swords
Knave Swords
4 Pents
9 Pents

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Positive Customer Review
Vega (Guest)
I just love this deck!
This was my second deck and I think it whas mutch more easy to understand than the so called "bigginners" decks.
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