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Wheel of the Year spread

Sorry, but you can't buy this product as it is currently out of stock.
Three cards for each month of the next year, tracking the trends, events and occurrances throughout the months ahead.  Note: all readings purchased under the Special Offer begin in January 2018
Price£54.95incl. TAX
Points Price550
Reward Points55

Three cards for each month of the next year, tracking the trends, events and occurrances throughout the months ahead.  This one will reveal growth patterns, progress and general movement right the way across a twelve month period, giving you a good overview of how tihngs are likely to unwind.  It will also point out to you particular oppoortunities, good phases, and times when you can really sieze the moment, to get yourself going (or keep yourself going) in the right direction.  Use it likea  map to get you through the year, avoiding potholes and making the best of sunny days along the way.

Note: special rules apply for selecting cards on the bigger readings, the Wheel of the Year included.   Having selected the group of cards (or numbers) you want to represent the month, put these back into the deck or the pot so that they remain available for re-selection.  Then shuffle or stir before selecting your next group of numbers.

If you do not have cards handy, then you need to follow the procedure above selecting random numbers between 1 and 78.  Choosing numbers can sometimes be a little more difficult on a big spread like this one.   People use lots of different methods - some tear up 78 bits of paper, writing numbers on them, then select.  Others make a grid of 1 -78 then stab randomly at the numbers, others again choose to wait until specific numbers come to mind.  Any method works so long as you feel comfortable with it.  Remember it is significant if a specific number or card keeps recurring.

What happens when you order a reading from us:  You will receive an automated response from the shop, thanking you for your order, and giving you instructions about how to select the cards for your reading.  If this email has not arrived within one hour of your purchase, please check your Junk Mail file, in case the incoming address has not been recognised.  If you do not find the achknowledgement email there, email Jan using jan(at) and let her know.  Upon receipt of your details, Jan will confirm, giving you some idea of how long your reading will take.  As a general rule, all short readings are dispatched within a maximum of seven days from receipt of information (three and seven-card). Medium length readings are dispatched within a maximum of fourteen days. Long readings may take up to twenty-eight days to dispatch.

When your reading is finished, Jan will first send you an email telling you it's on its way, then you will receive the reading itself as a Word.doc attachment in a second email.  There is only ever one attachment in that email.   If you do not receive the second email, or have difficulty opening it, contact Jan and she will forward your reading in a different fashion.

Perfect gift! Purchase a gift voucher for this reading for a friend or loved one.

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joao on 5 Jan 2018, 10:26 AM
A help in difficult moments
Jan made a really insightful reading and I still feeling the blasses of her lecture right now. :) very helpful!
Chris Guest on 8 Aug 2017, 5:29 AM
Truly Amazing
Jan's readings are truly a blessing. She is so insightful and helpful. I love how she can tell you things in a most positive way. Very much a gift. I have had two readings and both have been extremely accurate.
Jeannie Guest on 24 Jun 2015, 9:12 PM
A bit stunned
So I am halfway through my reading and so far everything has been so spot on it spooks me a bit. I have had many tarot readings, but none so clear and accurate as this one. What I have valued most was the spot-on and pulling-no-punches guidance. Looking forward to my next.
Maggie Guest on 18 Dec 2014, 10:27 AM
WOW I'm Impressed!
Not that Jan predicts a lottery win or such like but the playing out of long-term patterns feels very precise. I hope this reading will give me the opportunity to do things differently this time with conscious awareness and forewarning-worth more than a lottery win if I take the advice offered.
Amy Lawson Guest on 26 Oct 2014, 9:27 PM
Getting my next one
I saw the release of the special offer on this reading this afternoon on my Facebook and was there like a shot. I bought my first one last year on the offer, and was really surprised and pleased how comprehensive it was, and as the year worked through, how accurate as well. I'm right there after my next one, and I want to get one for my sister as her Christmas present this year. I feel sure she will love it.
Hannah Guest on 15 Sep 2009, 2:17 PM
On my fourth
Really useful tool to help get a good overview of what to expect during the coming year. I'll be back for my next one in February.
Elizabeth Guest on 9 Mar 2009, 10:44 PM
a must
such a thoughtful and loving reading. its clear Jan knows her stuff. This reading put many things into perspective as well as gave me things to watch out for! i will therefore go through this year with the guidance of my cards and hopefully have a little extra help and support through the ruff patches. But also have many good things to look forward to!
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