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Where Do I Go (From Here)? Spread

Where Do I Go (From Here)? Spread
This reading will help you to work out where you really want to be!  See samples of this reading here
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Life will sometimes steer us firmly toward a crossroads, where we must decide whether we need to find a new direction and if so which.   This reading has been designed to try to clarify a course of action in a specific life area for a person who feels they have lost their direction, momentum or motivation. It can clarify your current position, placing it in context, so that you can consider its merits.  It tries to tease out what you REALLY want to happen, and considers your options for getting there.   Perhaps more importantly, it tells you HOW to go forward. 

This reading is best applied to a single area in life  and we will need to know what that general area is in order to focus the cards most accurately in your reading.

Choosing your cards:
When selecting cards for this reading it is important that you consider carefully the choices you face. Spend a little while thinking loosely around the issue, before selecting 5 cards. Make a note of these 5 cards, and lay them out in order in front of you. Now on each card in order lay down another two you can shuffle and take these off the top of your deck, or shuffle till a card feels right. Put these two on card #1, and then repeat the process for card #2 and so on until you have five groups of three cards each. Note them all and then send them to me.   If you do not have cards handy, get a piece of paper and number 1-5.   Then select 5 random numbers between 1 and 78, and note each against the 1-5 numbering.   Then select another 2 random numbers between 1 and 78 and note them against #1.  Do the same again for #2 and so on until you have five sets of three numbers.  Send those to me.

What happens when you order a reading from us: You will receive an automated response from the shop, thanking you for your order, and giving you instructions about how to select the cards for your reading. If this email has not arrived within one hour of your purchase, please check your Junk Mail file, in case the incoming address has not been recognised. If you do not find the achknowledgement email there, email Jan using jan(at) and let her know. Upon receipt of your details, Jan will confirm, giving you some idea of how long your reading will take. As a general rule, all short readings are dispatched within a maximum of seven days from receipt of information (three and seven-card). Medium length readings are dispatched within a maximum of fourteen days. Long readings may take up to twenty-eight days to dispatch.

When your reading is finished, Jan will first send you an email telling you it's on its way, then you will receive the reading itself as a Word.doc attachment in a second email. There is only ever one attachment in that email. If you do not receive the second email, or have difficulty opening it, contact Jan and she will forward your reading in a different fashion.

See samples of this reading here

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Positive Customer Review
Metamorphosis (Guest)
Half year on and the reading still rings true
I ordered this reading from Jan in December 2014 in preparation for year 2015. I had felt like I was merely drifting along in both my personal and professional life for the last 3 years and that changes that I had been working on weren't progressing as fast as I had hoped. Jan's reading and insights truly opened my eyes to the key issues and prompted me down a path of emotional healing that I desperately needed. Though I am no where near where I want to be personally and professionally yet, I feel lighter and happier now. And I more committed than ever to keep working on rebuilding myself, on restoring my sense of self and ultimately to live as authentically I am able to. Thank you, Jan!
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