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How Chakra Grid Sets Work

Each of the Angel Paths Chakra Grid Sets has been carefully balanced so that the forces they produce work subtly to create a receptive and responsive energy field around the person to whom they are attuned.    This energy field, in turn, draws to it influences and opportunities which are aligned with the function of the grid.

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Empowering Amulets and Talismans
This is a simple ritual to empower and consecrate your charm, talisman or amulet.   Define exactly what you want it to help you with before you undertake the ritual, writing this - your intent - on a piece of paper.   Then gather together your materials, and follow the instructions.  read more...read more...
Dowsing and Pendulums

Dowsing is a fascinating skill to learn and can be used for measuring energies in the body, in rooms and houses or in the land; for checking whether you have managed to charge a crystal, an amulet or a spell;  for following leylines etc; or for divination purposes.

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