How Chakra Grid Sets Work

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 Angel Paths Chakra Grid Sets – General Information


The Human Energy System

This system maintains us on top form, ensuring that we have plenty of vitality and enthusiasm for life. But it can be damaged, especially by the hectic lifestyle that many of us lead these days. Keeping the energy system strong helps us to stay fit and healthy, to recover from illness, and to get the best from ourselves.  Furthermore if we are able to fine-tune the energies we create and emanate around ourselves, we are able to draw to us the life opportunities we most desire.


Energy runs through our bodies in channels often called “meridians”.  These invisible conduits touch us at all levels of our being, from the physical right the way through to the spiritual.   The planet itself also has meridians – channels through which life energy flows.  Our life force – our “chi” – is of the same stuff that permeates all living organisms and many structures and things we would normally regard as inert.


The Seven Major Chakras

The meridians running through our bodies converge into vortices in several places in our bodies.  These remarkably powerful whirlpools of energy are known as chakras.  When we consider these Chakra Sets we are concerned with the 7 major chakras which run from the top of the head to the groin.


Each chakra has its own specific area of influence, and operates on many different levels at the same time.  Our physical health, our emotional well-being, our intellectual function and our spiritual health are all affected by and dependent upon the strong balanced function of our chakras.


The Aura

When the massive power which flows into and then out of a chakra is in balance, it discharges energy out into the auric field.  This field is “read” at a completely unconscious levels by practically every other living being we encounter in life.  It transmits a surprising amount of information, considering most of the time we remain totally oblivious of its effect.


In your life, you will have experienced this effect often.  Why do you feel instinctually drawn to one person, and inexplicably repelled by another?  How is it that some people seem to be able to draw to them precisely what they need out of life, whilst others sit on the side-lines watching?   In no small part this has to do with the energy they create within and around themselves, which they then project into the Universe, whether knowingly or unknowingly.


Imagine having your own powerful energy generator running 24/7 in the background, helping to create for you exactly the set of circumstances you need to realise your current aims in life.   This is what these chakra grids do for you.


The Angel Paths Chakra Grids

Each of the Angel Paths Chakra Grid Sets has been carefully balanced so that the forces they produce work subtly to create a receptive and responsive energy field around the person to whom they are attuned.    This energy field, in turn, draws to it influences and opportunities which are aligned with the function of the grid.


Each grid has its own area of influence – seven in total at the moment – covering some of the most pressing issues many of us have to contend with.  A set includes a set of seven charged crystals, each with its own small pouch, all these contained within a larger pouch for safe-

keeping when the grid is not running,  a simple “chakra person” diagram and a full set of instructions specific to the grid you have chosen.


There’s a widely acknowledged acceptance that crystals and chakras tend to be naturally aligned, since each works on vibrational energy.  Crystals have their own naturally occurring affinities with many aspects of human energy, and can be used to bring unbalanced energies into balance, assisting the healthy functioning of your chakras (or those of the person for whom you attune the grid).   


The crystals within each set are first selected for their natural affinity with the grid’s topic, and then charged individually and as a group to serve their required function in accordance with the specific aim of the grid.  This charge will hold indefinitely so long as the stone are either working or returned to their pouches and placed within the outer pouch.


General outline about how to set a grid running

The general method of setting up a grid are the same – you need to find a “base” for the grid once set up,  and a place for it to be left undisturbed when you are not working with it.  The base needs to be large enough to accommodate a standard sheet of A4 paper, and easily portable.  Suggestions are small trays, oval or oblong plates, shallow oblong baskets and so on.   It is useful if this base has a small lip to it in case you ever accidentally jolt the grid, disturbing the stones. 


Most of the grids should be set up on a waxing moon.  You will need about 30 minutes of undisturbed time in order to set the grid running.   There is no necessity for  you to have particular skills in order to do this.  Simple instructions are included with each grid set.  


Once you have started a grid running, it’s a good idea to revisit it every few days, to reconnect your energy to it, and to spend a little quiet time thinking about your needs, ambitions and dreams as guided by it; this is not, though, mandatory.   If you simply tuck the gird away on a shelf in a cupboard and forget about it for a few months it will still be working away.  Things just might take a little longer to fall into place.


When a set has done its job, you need to disconnect and dismantle it, then pack it away safely until the next time you need its support and help.  Again, full instructions are given with individual grid sets.



Angel Paths Chakra Sets Available

  • Good Luck and Prosperity
  • Healing
  • Emotional Healing
  • Protection and Aura Strengthening
  • Peace and Tranquillity
  • Spirituality and Meditation
  • Chakra Balancing

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