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Empowering Amulets and Talismans

Jan Shepherd

Consecration and Empowerment of Talismans, Amulets and Pentagrams


All talismans, amulets and pentagrams can be worn for decorative or symbolic purposes but should you wish to charge your jewellery to its purpose, it is advisable to form a link between yourself and the cosmic forces that operate through it by performing the simple act of empowerment described below.   Many people prefer to wear their jewellery piece for some time before consecrating it, to get familiar with its energy and receive inspiration for their magickal intention.


The use described for each pentagram, amulet and talisman should be viewed as a guide only.  You can also charge your piece up for other intentions providing you intuitively feel they are in harmony with its energy.



You will need the following:

Glass of water

White candle in a holder

A few pinches of salt

Small table

White cloth

Incense/incense cone or stick

A quiet room.


Make sure you are not disturbed -  switch off your telephone and close the curtains.    Lay your white cloth over the table placing your candle, glass of water and incense in the centre.    Light the candle and the incense and place your jewellery piece next to them.   Turn off the lights, close your eyes and spend a few minutes thinking about what you want your piece to achieve, in keeping with its special magickal purpose.   Build up a detailed picture of yourself in a situation where the talisman has successfully achieved all of its intention.



Pass your jewellery piece through the smoke from the incense to symbolically purify it with the Element of Air.    Then pass it through the flame of the candle to cleanse it of all impurities with Fire.     Next take a pinch of salt and sprinkle it slowly into the water – imagine the water being filled up with a golden light.   Then sprinkle this consecrated water onto the piece which will then also be surrounded by the golden light.   Finally sprinkle a few grains of salt onto the piece to symbolise it being purified by the Element of Earth.  Your jewellery piece is now cleansed of all outside influences and ready to be charged to achieve your purpose.



Now sit down and close your eyes, holding your talisman, amulet or pentagram in your right hand.   Picture above you a sphere of brilliant white light radiating in all directions.   Concentrate your energy on this sphere, feel its power and brilliance grow.   Picture a shaft of golden light flowing down from the sphere and slowly descending through the top of your head into your solar plexus, charging you with energy and forming a second sphere of golden light, which warms and invigorates you.   Now picture yourself in the situation where you have achieved your desired objective and, keeping this in your mind, with all your energy visualise this golden light flowing through your body into your right arm through your right hand and then into the jewellery piece.


It is now charged to your intention.   Allow yourself a few minutes to unwind and then have a drink or a bite to eat, to get yourself back down to earth.


Your jewellery piece is now working for you, in conjunction with the cosmic forces, so be prepared for some positive changes in your life.   It will keep working for you as long as it is worn or kept within your aura.



Some of these pieces are very powerful and when empowered may have a greater effect on your life than you had anticipated.   If this happens you can deconsecrate (i.e. disempower) your talisman amulet or pentagram by holding it for a couple of minutes in a stream, or even under a running tap whilst visualising the energy disappearing from the piece.   You can then safely wear it as a piece of cosmetic jewellery.

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