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The Where Do I Go (From Here) Tarot Spread Sample 2

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This is a 15-card reading, which indicates new directions and choices when we find ourselves at a crossroads.  

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Now for the reading sample, cut down for privacy's sake and displaying approximately half of the actual reading:

Where am I at right now?  The Tower - Ten of Pentacles and Two of Swords

I think you probably understand this grouping – though I suspect these cards will tell you what you already know framed in different terms than you currently relate to.   Your current employment situation is represented here by the Tower card -  therefor it is a structure that will eventually be hit by a bolt of lightning out of the blue.  

 Now considering you say here that this is a good stable position that is obviously indicative of a pretty unexpected shake up – however – and I think you will be glad of this – I do not see this happening for the next eighteen months or so – therefor you have time to take stock and watch events beginning to develop toward that eventual outcome.

 The Tower always does tend to shake all the fruit out of the tree – and if you happen to be taking up a position like an apple currently – that means you.   However, you have a clearly defined set of responsibilities which you need to be able to meet on a regular basis – therefor leaps into the wide blue yonder are not likely to be palatable – nor necessary at this time.

 But at the same time you need to be very seriously considering how you might move toward mapping out a new type of future for yourself.   There are things that you need to acquire in order to move toward your stated chosen  goals – official hoops to jump through – some of which can be done in advance.  It’s time to begin the process of preparation.

 […]And then commit to undertake what you are able to fit in around your existing employment.   Remember – this will become more and more important at the eighteen month mark – that’s not all that long in the scheme of things.

 I think that once you make the decision to commit and to begin to work toward your dreams you will find yourself feeling much more at peace with life, more motivated and more hopeful.

Now I am going to make an assumption that your skills in this area are already fairly well-developed, and well-known by your friends.  I do not, though, know whether you have begun the process of commercialising what you want to do here.

[…]  What you can do now though is experiment  and begin to build up what we might call a portfolio.   You can also thoroughly research your field so that you get a very good idea of the level of competition you will be facing, and their areas of expertise.

Be extremely thorough.  I do think you have a good business head on your shoulders – use it for all you are worth.  Cost everything….look for hidden or unexpected expenses….keep really thorough records.  You do not want to be doing this preparation process when you are actually launching.

Gather opinions and input from friends, relatives, friends of friends and so on.

Where have I come from?  Five of Pentacles -  Wheel of Fortune and Three of Pentacles

You have known real lack by the look of this.  That 5 suggests that you are still left with a haunting fear of financial instability which you will probably never really shake.  [……]  It is clear that you have turned around that lack into something stable and rewarding.

This was no lucky outcome.  It happened because of how you used your fears to carefully build safe cushions around yourself to protect your security.  You have also been fortunate along the way – but even this was not luck – much of it was appreciation for the person you turned out to be.  I think you are in a very strong position to lay the foundations for your own business.

But you will be uneasy if you do not do things properly.   Use the time you have here to plan thoughtfully ahead.  You know better than most people the devil is always in the detail – use that ability to place yourself where you need to be.


Where do I want to go?  Nine of Pentacles -  Three of Wands and Six of Swords

Security tops the list here, not surprisingly.   However I think you do feel you have been carrying the burden of responsibility  for long enough now, and there’s a little pixie inside telling you it’s time to kick over the traces and do what you need to do.   However you need to do this in such a fashion that you maintain a degree of stability and balance – as much for your own sanity as for anything else.



Where might I end up?  Three of Cups -  Empress and Prince of Cups

Well you might end up doing what you have always done….playing things safely and protectively – which is no bad life, but is not what you want to be doing. 

There are several aspects of  your life that are going to change over this next four or five years.  These feel to me like natural progressions which are bound to happen.   But at this particular time I suspect you are somewhat unprepared…..that’s contrary to your nature.

 I think you find it quite difficult to think hard about shifting what has been the central focus of your life for a decade and a half or so.   But you are going to need to.

And since you have found a “new” love, it’s about time you started to set yourself up for all this.  This is the beginning of an important new phase for you.   Doing it all in stages is going to appeal a lot more to your inner nature than is waiting to get pushed out of that Tower!


What do I need to do to get where I want to be?  Six of Coins -  Two of Wands and King of Swords

This is a great grouping.   It basically tells you the only thing you really need to do is start….make the beginnings as outlined above.   You really do have most of the “equipment” you need already.  Your years of diligent and conscientious work have made sure of this.  Now it’s time to begin moving toward utilising these skills for yourself.

 The 6 tells us you can make a definite success of things here.   But you do need to move steadily toward getting yourself ready.


You will receive a great deal of help and support from the man detailed here as the King of Swords.  This is a self-proven man who can indicate to you the effective methods of proving you to yourself that is really all you need to move forward successfully.

This is going to be an exciting and challenging three years.  Meet it with optimism, and the sure knowledge that you have a plan!

 Loadsa love


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