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The Where Do I Go (From Here) Tarot Spread Sample 2

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This is a 15-card reading, which indicates new directions and choices when we find ourselves at a crossroads.  

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Now for the reading sample, cut down for privacy's sake and displaying approximately half of the actual reading:


Where am I at right now?  7 of Swords – The Emperor, 4 of Swords

Mmmm…things looking pretty much at a full stop here.    Your entrepreneurial spirit shows with the Emperor there – and confirms that under the right circumstances you probably are precisely the type of person who would make a success  of a solo venture.      However it’s pretty clear here that you do not have the right circumstances available to you at this time.

 Now it seems to me that you are trained or experienced in one field in a work context – trouble is you don’t like it.   You are exceedingly GOOD at it but you do not like it.  The thought of spending the rest of your days undertaking this particular activity makes you want to climb under the table and curl up in a ball.


 One thing that is adding to the pressure so far as you are concerned right now are some important recent life changes, added to the sure knowledge that there are pretty large expenses upcoming in the next year or so.   You’re feeling a combination of a pressing need to sort out a plan for yourself that you can see is going to make an effective springboard into your future.


However – I’m not joking.  The next three years are going to be exceptionally demanding of your time, your energy and your resilience.   You need to be ready for that.

However….the prize is crossing a threshold where you finally create “the right circumstances” to get out there on your own.   Accept every offer of help you receive during this time – even the ones you feel a little unsure of at the time.   However keep an eye on yourself for allowing yourself to be drawn back into a unsatisfactory situation with some-one you used to be very close to.  Whilst I’d not right out say do not accept help here, I would say be very clear about the boundaries you want to apply.

Where have I come from?  Temperance – 6 of Wands, 7 of Wands


One thing I do notice is that you feel quite strongly you have made substantial contributions to the success of people around you, and not always been truly appreciated in that area.   This seems to carry through into that working area you have expertise in – it’s a support role of some sort which tends to enable those for whom you work to move forward without ever really drawing too much attention to your considerable contribution.  

 I would guess this is one reason that you really do not want to have to go back to that type of work.  And yet it is in that field that you stand to make the most reliable and highest salary.   That said, I’m hoping I can give you a different outlook this time, that allows you to feel as though you are consistently (and quietly) working toward your own end goals as well.

Where do I want to go?  Queen of Cups – King of Cups, Page of Cups

This is interesting – it veers away completely from your ambitions for work – though perhaps indicates one reason for the appeal of being your own boss.   You want a happy, united and stable family environment which truly expresses love, warmth, respect and comfort.

Sounds simplistic when you write it down like that doesn’t it?   But you have every reason to know how difficult it can be to achieve this – and you express it as a deep lack in your life and in your heart.

This is where you really want to end up – but somehow the idea of running your own business really does weave into this ambition, like an essential thread.

Where might I end up?  The Star – King of Swords, 10 of Pentacles

You know it’s interesting.  This position can actually be quite hopeless and sad in this type of reading – but in your case this is not so.   I think you are a very positive and self-motivated person – and it is this that I feel we need to harness for the next few years.

 Go back to the field you have the level of expertise in.  Get the best paying job you can in that field – knowing inside of you it is for thirty-six months or so.   That way you can approach the situation with a positive outlook rather than regarding it as something of a jail sentence.   

Open a separate account away from your general expenses bank accounts.   When you receive your salary each month (or whatever the interval) before you do anything else transfer 10% of what you have earned into that account.   Get yourself into the mind-set that this money simply does not exist.  


 And – in your spare time – keep doing  on a small scale that which you want to finally grow into a business that is going to support you in a decent fashion.   Just keep things ticking over, rather than necessarily looking for big expansion opportunities.   I think you have already been doing something along those lines – sure you may find yourself having to either scale back a little, or work exceptionally hard to keep both balls in the air at once…..but I do think maintaining the presence is important.

This conventional job will bring you into contact with that King up there – he’s a very perceptive and incisive man.  I think you can learn a great deal from him.   I do, though, doubt you would ever think of him as a friend – and in the long run I think that is just as well, since he will not realise he is taking on a short-term employee ;-)    No need for guilt when you’re ready to move on.


 What do I need to do to get where I want to be?  2 of Wands – The Hermit, Justice

I love the balance in this last group – with the 2 of Wands here and Justice we see you handling things in a very even and stable fashion.  You work diligently at the day job – and because of your “studies” find it more stimulating than perhaps you would under other circumstances.

You feel quite liberated with this thought that you are simply in training to do what you REALLY want to do.  You also discharge some of the responsibilities you have now, and adjust others so that they are more flexible. 


So…all in all a win/win situation.

Loadsa love


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