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The Where Do I Go (From Here) Tarot Spread Sample 1

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This is a 15-card reading, which indicates new directions and choices when we find ourselves at a crossroads.  

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Now for the reading sample, cut down for privacy's sake and displaying approximately half of the actual reading:


Where am I at right now?    Temperance – 8 of Wands,  4 of Hearts

Temperance is a difficult card to balance.   Basically what it urges you to do is consider all options open to you with an open mind, and a willingness to flow with change.   It counsels against extremes in any direction, but rather encourages contemplation followed by dedicated measured action.  Of course the big danger with this card is that you can get stuck at the contemplation stage, and never actually DO anything.

So – first and foremost I think what you need to do is gather together your options.  It looks to me as though you have been nibbling around the outside of this dilemma for a little while now.  

Yet the 8 makes it completely clear that you are in need of a change of some sort – becoming restless for it, even.   This card has an implicit warning in it though about acting before you are fully informed.  This becomes more likely as restlessness mounts – therefor I think it is becoming quite pressing that you start to gather information together.


Where have I come from?   King of Pentacles – Ace of Hearts, Wheel of Fortune

Your earlier training looks pretty comprehensive I think – you seem adaptable and capable of turning your hand to several different skills.   There’s the influence here of an important male on the shaping of your early work prospects.  You see to have gained a strong work ethic, and a good set of standards which you apply rigorously in the workplace.

[This man is] a diligent  and committed man who has created considerable success for himself and for others.   He has a keen financial brain and a real flair for dealing with budgeting and material planning.

All of this you have inherited, along with a certain insight and originality which is all your own.   You’ve a strong creative streak coupled with a real gift for communication.   I feel as though I want to put these two qualities together so that they are channelled into a constructive and useful skillset.

I do, though, feel there’s another component that you need.   Perhaps an element of re-training?   Or perhaps the word up-dating is a better way to describe what I am feeling here.   This feels like something you are already using to some extent, but perhaps currently your knowledge is limited to what you have been able to teach yourself?   I think perhaps  a more formal period of learning would be greatly to your advantage here.   Perhaps the element it introduces is a slightly more formal way of doing things or being able to present yourself? 


Where do I want to go?  8 of Wands – 3 of Swords, Queen of Swords

Hmmm – some very very contradictory reactions in this group here – these are going to need to be addressed before you are really able to make the major changes you want to make.  Again your restlessness shows here – and the reason for your frustration stems from two separate sources by the look of things.  

You have quite a strong impulse to find a new means of employment, but also some strong fears  which seem to be powering that impulse.  I’m not entirely convinced fear is good reason to want to change things ;-)   It would tend to feed that reckless feeling that brings about precipitous and perhaps poorly considered actions. 

This looks like an emotional consideration arising here that is bringing in an additional pressure.   I do not know if you are able to manage this – but if you can try to extricate the consideration of a future job direction from this situation I think you would probably find yourself thinking more directly about your options and choices.

 You seem very afraid indeed of impending loss somewhere in your personal life.   The Queen of Swords is a vision of the woman left alone.   This whole area concerns me very seriously.  There seems to be no indication anywhere else in the reading that explains its appearance here.   But the 3 and the Queen dominate your hopes and ideals about the future and instead turn these into fears and uncertainties.

You should be able to identify this now and understand its root causes – this does not feel predictive, but rather based in fear and uncertainty – as though there is a part of you that feels if you follow your own hopes and interests toward their logical conclusion this will lead to loss and sadness in your life.


Where might I end up?  King of Hearts -  The Emperor, 2 of Pentacles

The obvious thing to possibly happen here is that you remain where you are, marking time.   You clearly function as a support system [….] as it stands.  In some ways I think you have derived enormous satisfaction in this role, but in recent years have probably also outgrown it.  In some respects it is a limiting position which is unlikely to offer you too much in the way of  expansion and freedom of expression.

However, now I think it is time to gather up your own sense of  direction and explore all of your options.   There’s a man who you already know – probably a self-made business man – who can certainly open some doors for you, and effect some important introductions.

My sense here is not of an “ordinary” job – but rather something of your own making offered on a freelance, semi-contract basis using the combination of skills you already have, your insight when it comes to communication and management, and that new component coming from the re-training opportunity.


What do I need to do to get where I want to be?  8 of Swords – Justice, The Hanged Man

Firstly you need to break through that fear we were talking about earlier.  I find it difficult to give you too much guidance in that area, because it feels so half-formed.  This might be because it was not the focus nor subject of this reading.

It is time for you to carve yourself a new career direction.  I suspect you have a good idea of where you need to be going – but the discussions with the emperor will clarify this by making you aware of needs you might not before have truly identified within the business community.  

The impressions I have of this role are multi-facetted I think.   A cross between trouble-shooter, problem-solver, and re-focuser (if there is such a word.    I feel as though you need to equip yourself to be able to act like an external assessor and solution provider.   This seems to touch on financial matters, but also takes account of asset-management and risk-assessment.

It feels as though you go into a situation, study it for a time and then help to implement changes that bring the best out of those involved somehow.

 I do hope this helps you to find your way forward.

Loadsa love

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