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Where Do I Go (From Here) Sample Readings

Life will sometimes steer us firmly toward a crossroads, where we must decide whether we need to find a new direction – and if so – which.   This reading has been designed to try to clarify a course of action in a specific life area for a person who feels they have lost their direction, momentum or motivation. It can clarify your current position, placing it in context, so that you can consider its merits.  It tries to tease out what you REALLY want to happen, and considers your options for getting there.   Perhaps more importantly, it tells you HOW to go forward. 

 This reading is best applied to a single area in life  and we will need to know what that general area is in order to focus the cards most accurately in your reading.

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Click on the links below to view the archived readings. All those included are with the consent of the querent and are cut down quite substantially from the originals, to preserve the privacy of the testers.  A Where Do  I Go reading usually ends up being over 1,600 words long - about 4 pages.

Where Do I Go Sample Tarot Reading 1

Where Do I Go Sample Tarot Reading 2

Where Do I Go Sample Tarot Reading 3

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