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Vernal Equinox (cont)Soft Flame

It’s interesting to note that these four “major” festivals tend to resonate for a full 24 hours before we actually get to celebrating them.   And we all enter into that energy – most particularly because we know very well that the Celebration of Love’s culmination is on the horizon – much more about this very soon.

Graham has done a fantastic job of covering the links between Easter and Ostara, so I’ll not go there, except to point out that most pagans see the Vernal Equinox as the rebirth of Nature….I suppose that is quite similar in some ways to the concepts behind the Resurrection.

Naturally, the Vernal is a day of balance – day and night are in perfect equilibrium.  That aids us in creating balance within.  Take some time out on this day to consider those things which have destabilised you in the last year.   Try not to attribute emotions to them – rather stand back, and simply let your thoughts and feelings flow.  When you feel you have considered thoroughly anything you have disquiet about, make for it a mental image which encapsulates it in your mind.  It really does not matter what this is.  It just needs to sum up the totality of the issue.  

I find eggs very handy for this – you need an egg and a bowl, plus a lot of kitchen towel.  But you could do anything else so long as you are able, in one way or another, to “break” the image.   I do this by sitting quietly, egg in hand, contemplating my “issue”.  And when I have finished, I crush that egg (best done over the bowl ;-)).   I take great delight in squadging everything up thoroughly, and knowing I am squadging that issue right out of my life, leaving myself fallow and open for new planting.  You could sketch the image and then joyously rip it into shreds.   You could write bits of how you feel and set fire to it (fireproof bowl with water required here).   You’d be surprised how efficiently you get rid of troubling issues in this fashion.

The Vernal Equinox is all about explosive and positive growth.  So…grow!  

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