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Vernal Equinox (cont)Soft Flame

There is some interesting  lore about eggs you might like to explore around the Vernal Equinox..   For example, bury an egg at the entrance to your property to ensure all visitors are fertile of mind, and full of well wishes.   Or try blowing an egg, painting it with the colours of the season, threading it carefully onto green cotton or silk, and hanging it somewhere in your house to ensure continuous rebirth right the way through to next Vernal.

It is around now that my herbs, planted at Lights, are getting strong enough to be potted on, and for me to begin the hardening off process.   I usually do all this just before the Vernal.  Of course, I have to keep an eye on the weather – but that is all part of the fun, and the glory that is the Vernal Equinox.

The ceremony itself sports a vernal green altar, almost covered with daffodils and narcissi. Especially featured are the blossoms of the hawthorn,  ornamental, cherry or apple. Under normal circumstances, we call upon Hat-Hor, archetypal Mother Goddess (though I have to say she has some interesting and more dark sides to her remarkable personality).   Everything here is about the re-awakening of the land, the surging and undeniable power of the Spring and its call to Nature to do her best.   It is usually a joyous and fulfilling working, redolent with vibrant energy, positively vibrating with power.

We like to eat very fresh young vegetables and leaves afterward so salads are important.  This is often a vegetarian feast – but not always.  It depends whether local new season lamb is available – this is rare, but when Spring has visited very early it happens at times.  Oh – and we make a point of having Hot Cross Buns, mostly because they are delicious toasted and dripping with butter…but also because that cross is equal-armed – the symbol of the Solstices, crossed by the Equinoxes,  or of course, the Elements.   [More...]

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