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Image: Jan ShepherdThe Summer Solstice (cont)

Myth and folklore abound about this Solstice, and also about the preceding eve, and the evening of the day itself, particularly in Britain and the rest of Europe.  Midsummer’s Eve is considered to be a very fortunate time to try to divine your future love. If a maiden can pluck a perfect rose with her eyes shut and without shedding blood she will meet her true love by Midwinter.  Often love potions were made on this night, and considered to have greater potency than those made at any other time of the year (be careful with love potions – they can have some very unfortunate consequences at times ;-)).  

Casting a stone into the Solstice fire having charged it to that which you most deeply desire is said to draw that desire into your life – again be careful of this one, it can backfire badly.   Scattering the cold ashes of the Solstice fire over your crops will guarantee a fine harvest for that season – I quite often do that and when I do it always works.  You can use barbeque ashes, but ensure you avoid any which are splashed with fat.

You might also want to make your own protection amulet on this day.  The easiest type is a pouch or bag.   You can buy wedding favour bags, or sew your own using golden yellow felt.  Place inside it a sprig of rosemary, three spikes  of lavender flowers, 3 basil leaves and a single red carnation flower, then tighten the pouch by pulling its drawstring and tying it, or by sewing up the open side.   Carry this with you,  or hang it over the door of your home to attract the sun’s protection.  It will work until Midwinter, at which point it needs to be buried, and you have to start again.

Whatever you decide to do with your Summer Solstice, at the very least, take a few moments out to contemplate what life would be like without the sun in the sky.   And spend just a little while thinking about the power of this day.   

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