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For example if you planted herbs earlier in the year as part of your acknowledgement of the Wheel of the Year, many of these will be begging to flower now.   Crop them carefully, and dry what you will not now use so that you have a ready supply during the winter months.   Similarly harvest your vegetables and fruit thoroughly, and store what you do not use now, in the spirit of gathering to see you and yours through winter.

When you do your cropping think carefully about which plants you will wish to grow again next year, and leave some plants specifically to go to seed, so that you can gather and store these to sow next year.  You should do this on or around the Autumnal Equinox.  Remember – your forebears did not have garden centres bristling with seed packets at their disposal.

In storing and forward planning you will be engaging much more strongly with this powerful cycle – and when you plant your stored seed next year and begin the process of rearing it, you affirm your affinity with age-old cycles.

If you choose to raise an altar, think about gathering some grasses which are beginning to seed from your garden or the surrounding area.   Gather a couple of bunches of partially ripened berries.  Look for things that encapsulate the concept of promise of coming bounty, and include these in your display.  And do not forget a loaf of bread.

If you choose not to be this formal, then follow Graham’s guidance for a gathering of friends and relatives at which you serve food.  Invite people to bring a contribution.  As he says, shared food is central to the concept here.      

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