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If you are working the wheel of the year with an intent, this is the time when you start to reap the rewards. It is a time of gathering in energy. In essence, taking a long view, it is looking ahead to autumn and making the first preparations for winter. A good ritual activity is to bake bread and then share it with friends and family. Cooking can be treated like magic, and this is a good time to do so. Make an effort to find heritage flour and maybe experiment with new recipes. This time of year applies to all cereal crops, so cooking with barley, corn or oats is equally valid.

In fact, there is a Scottish tradition of Bannock Cakes that are cooked differently on the four cross-quarter days. They are large, round unleavened oat cakes, often marked with a cross-quartered circle. The Lammas Bannock is made with the first grains harvested.

Another good food for this time of year is salmon. These fish were important to the Celts and symbolised wisdom. They were also particularly associated with Lugh. This is one time of year where it's especially significant to try to assemble a meal from only local ingredients, to honour the harvest.

Colours are usually corn yellows and flowers can be a corn or wild grass arrangement, with other field and meadow flowers like poppies.

This is a time to celebrate the harvest, to give thanks to the Gods for the Summer that ripens and makes everything grow, to start gathering in, collecting and giving thanks for the harvest.  [More...]

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