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Imbolc /Lights (cont)Candle Light

And here are Graham's thoughts:
To start with the basics, when and what is Imbolc? It's traditionally celebrated on the 2nd of February and is a festival of lights and candles. The patron goddess of this festival is Brighid who's an Irish Goddess. Many of her attributions survived by being transferred to St Bridget who's from the Celtic Church. Both are associated with fire, light and candles. These associations gives Brighid dominion over aspects of smithing, and arts and crafts, because fires were often used by blacksmiths and other makers of things. She also is associated with midwifery and the safe bringing of new life into the world.

I like Imbolc because it feels like a secret among Pagans and Druids. If you were to ask the general public about paganism or witchcraft and how they celebrated, the first thing they'd think about is Druids at Stonehenge, the Summer Solstice and Halloween. Some with deeper knowledge might mention the Winter Solstice or even Beltane, also known as Mayday. But Imbolc is one of those hidden festivals which makes it a bit special. It's also a festival of light in what is usually the coldest, grimmest part of the year weather wise.

The Wheel of the Year predates Christianity, but it comes from a culture where nothing was written down. Therefore, anything we learn about it tends to come from cultures who had writing, namely the Romans and then the Christians. In essence, when we are looking back at these festivals, it is always through the lenses held by these two cultures. Christianity in particular has preserved many festivals by adopting them into their own calendar.

Imbolc appears to have emerged relatively unscathed from this process. In the Church calendar, the beginning of February is Candlemas – when the candles for the upcoming year are blessed. It also links back to the midwife attribution of Brighid in marking the point at which the Virgin Mary became pure again after giving birth to the Christ.. [More]

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